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Speed Pusher 2.0

Speed Pusher 2.0

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The Speed Pusher 2.0 is a new generation upgraded version that has up to 70 levels adding more gameplay and fun. It is made of a high-quality ABS plastic and uses three 1.5AAA batteries (batteries not included).

Four Game modes

Scoring Mode is when the user presses the button according to the light within 1 minute.

Breakthrough Mode is when the user turns off the lights within a limited time and presses the back button.

Memory Mode is when the user must press the buttons in the same order that is shown in a sequence.

Multiplayer Mode is when users get to pass the Speed Pusher around to others after each level.


These game modes exercise a variety of children's abilities such as reaction, hand-eye coordination, memory, and collaboration.

 Adjustable Volume

The Speed Pusher 2.0 has high-fidelity speakers which has a adjustable volume design making it suitable for use in any place.


The Speed Pusher 2.0 comes with many different cute designs including cartoon frog, astronaut, and more. Click on the different styles and see the picture that changes in order to pick the variation that attracts you the most.

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